Bridges and Boardwalks

This is where it all started. We are proud to specialize in timber bridges and boardwalks. We offer full design/build services from start to finish. From greenway trail boardwalks to light vehicular bridges we have you covered. We also build custom docks and marine structures like canoe and kayak launches, bulkhead seawalls, golf course bridges, and much more. In addition to timber structures we install bridge and boardwalk products made of precast and poured in place concrete, steel, glulam (Glue Laminated) beams and hybrid systems. Other services incidental to the actual bridge construction including foundations and subsurface are all handled in house by our teams . Some of these services are concrete abutments and approaches , pilings ,guard rails ,and stream bank stabilization. We offer pile driving services that include timber and steel H-pile and sheet pile. We are able to offer several different pile driving options including Top-down pile driving for less impact in wetlands and protected areas.